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Marina Abramović

20 settembre 2007

I like to tell you story, how we in the Balkan kill the rats. We have a method to transform the rat into wolf; to make wolf rat. But before I explain in this method I like you know something more about rats themselves. First of all, rats consume large quantity of food, sometimes double weight of their own body. Their front teeth are growing permanently and they have to be grinded constantly otherwise they are facing suffocation. Rats take very well care of their family. They will never kill or eat their own members. They are extremely intelligent. Einstein said once: «if the rat would be 20 kilos heavier he definitely would be the ruler of the world». If you put the plate with food and poison in the front of the hollywoodiane the rat will sense it and not eat it. The method: To catch the rats you have to fill the holes with water, leaving only one open. In this way you can catch 35-45 rats. You have to make sure that you only choose the male ones. You put them in a cage and give them only water to drink. After a while they start getting hungry, their front teeth start growing and even genetically they will not kill the same members of the tribe, facing suffocation they are forced to kill the weak one in the cage. And than another weak one, another weak one and another weak one. Till only one the strongest and the more superior rat from all of them is left in the cage. Now the rat catcher continue to give the water to the rat. In this point the timing is extremely important. His teeth are growing and when rat catcher sees that only is less than ½ hour left before he is suffocated he open the cage take the knife and take his eyes out of his head and than he let him free. Now the rat is nervous, is outraged, is in panic, he is facing his own death, he run into the rats holes and kill every rat comes on his way. Till he found the rat who is stronger and superior than him. This rat kill him. This is the way how we in the Balkan make wolf rat.